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About Us

Who we are

Tree Growers Advanced Australia Pty Ltd is an accredited Wholesale Nursery specialising in Advanced Trees, Hedges & Shrubs. We are situated on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, one-hour drive from the Melbourne CBD. TGA Australia was established in 1980 by qualified horticulturists Peter and Jane Wilkins. Along with their family and dedicated staff they transformed an old run down apple orchard into a leading purpose built nursery.

What we do

With over 25 acres of production space, TGA Australia carries one of the largest ranges of 33cm container grown stock in Australia - as well as a variety of 40cm and 50cm containers. We distribute throughout Melbourne, Country Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Canberra.

  • Hedging & screening – Pittosporum, Waterhousia, Viburnum
  • Exotics – Olea, Citrus, Laurus
  • Natives – Callistemon, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Elaeocarpus
  • Specimens – Magnolia, Lagerstroemia, Quercus, Cercis
  • Deciduous – Acer, Betula, Pyrus, Gleditsia
  • Evergreen – Ficus, Syzygium, Prunus, Camellia
  • Conifers - Cupressus, Thuja, Juniper
  • Flowering – Camellia, Pieris, Wisteria

Production & Sustainability

Water conservation and sustainability have always been an important element at TGA Australia. Forward planning has ensured the development of excellent growing areas that include; leading drainage systems, recycling water treatment/storage and windbreak/trellis facilities. High quality stock is stipulated by effective quality control methods and production processes.

The nursery maintains the highest standards of hygiene and nursery practice consistent with the requirements of the Nursery Accreditation Scheme. Special attention is given to the production of a sound root system.

All container stock is irrigated by dripper irrigation; supplied by recycled water. The state of the art recycling system accounts for 100% of all water used in the growing of plants. The dripper irrigation system allows for accurate control of irrigation schedules resulting in a superior plant.

TGA Australia sources all potting stock from accredited growers. All of our potted stock is grown in TGA customised blends of potting media produced by NIASA; accredited growing media supplier AGS in Tyabb, Victoria. This potting mix has slow release fertilizer incorporated throughout - resulting in an extended shelf life for the retailer and stronger establishment performance when planted out for the end user.


TGA Australia provides prompt delivery within the Melbourne metropolitan area to trade markets, retail and landscape clients with its fleet of TGA Australia vehicles. Retail Outlet orders of $500+ will be delivered free of charge. All landscape deliveries will incur a modest freight charge of $70 + GST.

For our country and interstate deliveries we outsource through our preferred carrier, Rangeview Transport. For all country and interstate deliveries a minimum order of $650+ is required. The freight charge is an additional 12% with TGA Australia absorbing the balance of the charge.

Our customers are more than welcome to use other plant transport carriers please contact us regarding the terms and conditions.

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