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Planting Guide

Step One

Thoroughly water the plant before removing it form the pot. Choose and prepare your planting site. Dig the hole twice the width of the pot.

Step Two

Loosen the soil at the hole and mix in slow release fertilizer or compost with the existing soil, and back fill. Remove the pot and slightly tease the roots before placing the plant into the hole at the existing soil level.

Step Three

To aid drainage, when planting in clay soils, disturb the clay by digging in Gypsum (clay breaker). Then mound the top soil (add more if required) and plant into the mound.

Step Four

Back fill around the root ball and firm in, creating a basin the same diameter as the pot, and water in well. At this stage a quality starter can be added to aid transplant success and growth. Consult your Horticulturalist.

Step Five

Stake taller plants until established, placing two stakes opposite each other on the outside of the rootball. Tie with soft material. i.e. rubber tube.